Author, speaker and life coach Tracey Horton has been appointed as a guest lecturer at Griffith Universities Queensland-wide to educate our teachers of the future on creating inclusion for LGBTIQA+ students.

Drawing on her own personal experience as a family violence and sexual abuse survivor, Ms Horton strives to teach others how to tap into their sensitivities, and open their arms to minority groups.

“ Over 4.6% of Australian teenagers identify as LGBTIQ, and as such, i t is important that teachers of the future are equipped with tools to create inclusion for all,” said Ms Horton.

“ My secret is I believe in people, I believe that everyone, no exceptions, can be anything they want to be, I have no agenda or arrogance because truly I came from nothing to finding all this out for myself.”

Boasting a 100% success rate in motivating and inspiring people, Ms Horton’ s seminars revolve around her four mantras of life.

“ You are ALL you need, you are your greatest asset. You are ALWAYS in control, you hold the pen, you write the story, no matter what happens to you, YOU decide its power. You can ACHIEVE anything you want, if you fail, that’s ok, get up tomorrow and go again. You ABSOLUTELY deserve a life that you are madly in love with,” said Ms Horton.

Often referred to as ‘Australia’s answer to Anthony Robbins’ , Ms Horton has always had an unshak e able compassion for others, and helping and inspiring people has long been a passion of this gifted communicator.

Last year, Ms Horton took out the highly-prestigious Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award at the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India.

“ In India, my international award was for working with women to break the cycle of abuse – I spoke on “How to reduce the tolerance of domestic violence to zero globally”- I spoke to delegates from 12 different countries,” said Ms Horton.

“I have just been booked as the guest speaker at a Millionaire’s Exclusive conference in Portugal in May this year. I am speaking on emotional intelligence and creating a strong life to have it all.”

Apart from being a highly sought -after motivational speaker and life coach, Ms Horton’s self-published first offering, “The Unhappy Smile” has achieved critical and commercial success internationally.

The book is a confronting, yet inspiring and uplifting account of how Ms Horton overcame childhood abuse and hurt, emerging gracefully and lovingly on to calm waters after navigating unimaginable turbulence early on in life.

“ I have laid out my life in The Unhappy Smile, there is no room to hide after this,” said Ms Horton.

“ It’s a self-help book with my story woven through it, there are exercises at the end of every chapter to help readers work through their own challenges.

“When I think of this book, I imagine people young and old, men and women – all reading it. I can see it on coffee tables and in airports. I can see teenagers talking to their parents over it, and I can see couples reconciling through it,”

The Unhappy Smile is the first of three books to be released, and contains a strong thread guiding its readers toward becoming the very best versions of their authentic selves.

The Unhappy Smile has already attracted a celebrity following, with country music star Adam Brand crediting the book, and Ms Hort on herself, with changing his life.

“I needed to read this book, you need to read this book, the whole world needs to read this book,” said Mr Brand.

“As a speaker, Tracey has the ability to cut through the chatter of life and speak directly to your soul. She is brutally honest and fiercely passionate, meeting her will change your life.”

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