It’s like every second person you talk to these days is listening to some kind of podcast. The medium which is the podcast is fast emerging as one of the most popular ways to consume entertainment, news, gossip, (sports), and basically any conversation styled program.

Controversy ensured this year after the launch of the “infamous”
Sydney Gays Podcast sparked fierce discussion about the types of certain personalities who are representing the queer community in media.

Shortly after premiering their first episode, the podcast received scathing reviews (with an average of 1.5/5 stars), calling out the hosts for their “vapid” and “shallow” topics of conversation that seem to resonate with wealthier, white, weightlifting homosexuals in the Sydney Gay “scene”.

So what have we learned from this experience? That Australians in the LGBTIQA+ community are as diverse as the rest of the population, and require heterogeneous (hetero- meaning “different”, as opposed to homo- meaning same) representation?

Does boycotting this podcast violate free speech within a subsection of the community? Or does it reinforce negative stereotypes that have been depicted in media for so long? Let us know in the comments section below!


The Gays are Revolting

There’s nothing revolting about these gay lads from Melbourne. Even when they do cover the most “sickening” topics like sex mishaps, you’re compelled to laugh and go along for the ride.

There’s a level of class and poignancy when discussing sensitive topics that is unparalleled in any other podcast

Christian Hull (and the magical world of Trish)

You’ve probably seen at least 10 of his (very entertaining) videos splashed across social media.

Along with his alter-ego 
Trish, this podcast goes on the weirdest tangents. Like the Gays Are Revolting, it can go into explicit detail about sexual experiences.

If you’re looking for validation or reassurance about your own encounters, it’s definitely worth a listen!


RuPaul: What’s The Tee? with Michelle Visage

Whether or not you’re a fan of Drag Race, you’ll likely be fond of the topics and celebrity guests who join Ru and Michelle each week.

More often than not, the celebs will feature on the podcast after featuring on the show. But it’s definitely not a recap or plug of the show. These celebs “spill the tea” and “give the tee” on their career highlights, personal projects and zoom into their personalities.

Latter-Day Lesbian pocast

You’ve probably heard about the church of the “Latter-Day Sluts Saints” (aka the “Mormon Church”).

Latter-Day Lesbian Podcast: an ex-Mormon gay girl trying to figure out life. We’re Mary and Shelly (the Latter-Day Lesbian). Shelly is a divorced mother of seven dealing with leaving the Mormon church and learning about her sexuality for the first time. She has a story to tell, and I’m helping her through a podcast that’s raw, honest, funny and hopeful all at once. We hope you agree.

Dear God Are We There Yet?

How can you take on the problems of the world when there’s so much to do already? It can be overwhelming, no matter how good your intentions might be. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can change the world, just like you always thought you would. Join the Conversation!


Bleeped is a documentary podcast about censorship and those who firmly stand up to it. Bleeped takes the unique approach of telling stories about the First Amendment from the perspective of ordinary people. Each episode tells a David and Goliath story of an individual who triumphed over censorship from a powerful organization, showing listeners that if you’ve been wronged, you can fight back and win!