We’ve all seen those scenes where the older person in a couple is mistaken for a parent.

Relationships are complicated enough as it is. So why add another layer of complexity by dating someone who is much much older or younger than you are?


“While gay partnerships with significant age gaps may occur for many of the same reasons as in hetero partnerships, the LGBT+ community has additional possibilities.

For example, in smaller towns, there may be fewer out single people to choose from so it may be based on available options. In other cases, it may be that the chronological age gap is wide but the coming out experience or time living openly may be similar.

Others may seek out someone significantly older or younger to fill a void left if their fictive family disowned them due to their identity.

Whatever the reason, as long as everyone in the relationship is consenting and there are no safety concerns, there is no reason for loved ones not to support these unions.

“Internationally Recognized Leading LGBT Expert Kryss Shane.”