When you find your soulmate and you decide to tie the knot, while it’s the most exciting day of your life to look forward to, many of us have an overwhelming feeling of ‘How on earth are we going to plan this?’.

I know this feeling all too well. As the Founder and Director of wedotahiti, a destination wedding and elopement planning service on The Islands of Tahiti, I meet couples from all walks of life, and I frequently work with couples within the LGBTIQA+ community. 

In order to bring your ideas to fruition, I have some great tips to help you figure out exactly how to plan your special day, whether you want to elope, be surrounded by friends and family, on home soil, or in the truly magnificent Islands of Tahiti. As an inclusive destination where same-sex marriage has been legalised since 2013, The Islands of Tahiti is the perfect place for absolutely anyone to say ‘I do’.

TIP 1: Know which type of ceremony you’d like

On The Islands of Tahiti, you have three options. A traditional Tahitian wedding is magical and breathtakingly beautiful, however it is non-binding. There is also a non-binding ceremony of Western-style as well as a civil ceremony, which is legally binding not only in The Islands of Tahiti but also in Australia. It is the perfect location for those wanting a legally recognised wedding and a gorgeous tropical island setting. I find that most Australian couples opt for holding a civil ceremony at the City Hall, followed by a celebratory ceremony in a breathtaking location.

TIP 2: Consider your budget

Having an idea of budget will help you and your destination-wedding planner determine what your different options will be. A budget will help you make confident and informed decisions for your arrangements, from location to number of guests.

TIP 3: Find your dream location

Make sure you find a local wedding planner or a travel specialist who has visited your destination for advice about practical locations before confirming your travel arrangements and accommodation. I’ve organised multiple same-sex marriages set in stunning villas, away from main resorts, to give the extra sense of privacy. 

TIP 4: Choose your celebrant wisely

Make sure you research celebrants and choose someone who understands you and your partner. It’s your special day so you need to make sure you choose someone you can trust to give a beautiful speech about you and your partner’s unique connection.

TIP 5: Enjoy your experience

Don’t forget to make the most of your special day, totally embrace the experience and try not to stress. There are a few things that you can’t control, like the weather. If you’re marrying in a tropical climate, chances are it will be beautiful and sunny but if it does rain, don’t let it ruin the mood. The secret is to be prepared, whatever the weather! 

The romance and magic on The Islands of Tahiti is undeniable, so why not make your special day that extra bit special and say your vows in this magnificent paradise?

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